Collaborative Family Law Practice

The Collaborative Process is ideal for couples seeking a unique alternative to court that takes place in a structured and respectful setting and achieves creative solutions that best meet the needs of the family.

The parties agree to be open and honest. The parties voluntarily disclose all relevant information and commit to negotiate a separation agreement without proceeding to court.  The negotiations take place in a way that respects legal rights but also focuses on preserving emotional, family and financial health.  The parties work with each other rather than against each other.

Resolutions are achieved through a team approach. Together, the couple retains a team of neutral divorce professionals to reach an agreement that may include financial professionals, divorce coaches, and child specialists, depending on the parties’ needs.

Collaborative discussions and negotiations take place during four-way meetings. All meetings are client focused. The parties determine the date, location, and time of the meetings as well as the agenda for each meeting. At the meetings, the parties are in control of the decision-making and design their own solutions.

In the event negotiations prove to be unsuccessful, all lawyers and other divorce professionals involved in the process are disqualified from further representing the parties should the matter proceed to court. This is integral to the process, as it encourages all parties to proceed in good faith and not threaten litigation during the process.